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Official state records indicate the Johnson County Golf Club became a corporation on June 26, 1928, according to the Articles of incorporation filed with F. E. Schortemeir, then-Secretary of State of Indiana. On December 2, 1933, Frank Mayr of the Office of the Secretary of State signed an amendment to the Articles of Incorporation of the Johnson County Golf Club, thus changing the name of this corporation to Hillview Country Club, Inc. In the Articles of Amendment, it is noted that 81 members called a special meeting on December 1, 1933, at the Club House to vote on this amendment. Forty-five members voted yes and none voted no. Shares of stock certificates and membership certificates were subsequently sold to members, and so the history and memories of Hillview Country Club began.

The Original Club House

Lewis Hendricks and his wife Sally LeMasters came from Kentucky in 1822 and built a log cabin where they lived for 4 years until they built the white frame house overlooking what is now State Road 144. The Hendricks log cabin was moved to the Johnson County Historical Museum in 1967, and Lewis’ name can be found on a plaque in the cabin. The Hendricks raised 12 children. Lewis served on the Franklin College Board of Directors from 1836 to 1845. In 1917 the house and the surrounding 54 acres were put up for auction and purchased by Charles Hougham for $3,000. Two years later, the country club was organized, and in the fall of 1926, 20 couples met in the house and formed the golf club and began construction on the greens. The greens were first used in 1928 when membership was 100 people, the initiation fee was $100 and the yearly dues were $60.

Six of the present holes are more-or-less original, and 12 new ones were constructed when the current clubhouse was constructed.

In the 1950s, the drive to the old house was abandoned and a pool was constructed. The new entrance was used until 1970. The original well remains (though not functional) and can be seen behind the #18 tee today. A story is told that even though Lewis Hendricks and his family’s remains had been moved to Greenlawn Cemetery in 1913, two of his children are rumored to be still buried on the grounds of Hillview.

The Fire – January 12, 1971

The Daily Journal news story on January 13, 1971:

“Raging fire destroyed the Hillview Country Club east of Franklin late Tuesday night despite efforts by firemen from three communities. Franklin city firefighters who answered the first alarm at 11:22 p.m. said it may be difficult to determine a cause for the fire since no one was inside, and flames were already shooting from the roof of the three-story structure when they arrived.” Within minutes the fire had engulfed the entire structure. Two firetrucks ran out of water and for a while they pumped water from the swimming pool to fight the blaze.

At the back end of the clubhouse was a golf pro shop operated by Professional Richard St. Peter. Some golf equipment, bags, balls clubs and shoes, etc. were saved by firefighters and spectators during the fire. Total loss was set near $100,000.

By Wednesday, January 13, 1971, the Hillview Board of Directors was already in the preliminary planning stages for a new clubhouse, nor did the fire did not interfere with the completion of the new 9 holes already under construction at that time. Two trailers were purchased and used one for the golf shop, and the other for a snack bar. Bernie Admire, president of the club, assured the 275 members they would be continually apprised of the situation. Other members of the Hillview board included: Bob Branigin, Sam Yount, Dennis Manual, Art Ingles, Jack Early, Andy Bailey, Dr. Hugh Andrews, Louis Leercamp and Jack Hardin. The operation continued in the trailers until November 1972, with the new clubhouse opening in December of that year.

Moving Forward

During the 1970s and 1980s, Hillview members saw a variety of changes and improvements to the golf course and the clubhouse. A swimming pool was built and completed at the current location in 1975 and a cart barn/golf shop was constructed north of the clubhouse. Other priority projects were the Country Club Road driveway, parking lot, landscaping and drainage in the area from the clubhouse to the pond by #1 tee.

Plans for the 1980s included redoing of the fairways, bunkers and tee renovations and a tree-planting program. Membership stood at 371 with a $250 initiation fee. Club Estates was organized in 1983 and houses appeared along #2 fairway beginning in 1984. B.G. Winings replaced Dick Bradow as the Golf Professional in 1986.

Moving into the 1990s involved continued facility upgrades, including the construction of the banquet room in 1995 and the cart paths. A master plan for the course was in the planning stages, which included burying the small creek on #13 and making the pond, also filling in part of the pond on #7. New carts were purchased in 1997 and new greens mowers and other equipment were obtained in 1998. The club also took on the in-house food service contract that year.

A New Era/New Owners – Since 2012

The clubhouse has undergone several renovations between 2012 and 2015. These include remodeling of the main clubhouse, adding porches, new windows, a fire pit and new blacktop and walkways. A new HVAC system was installed upstairs and the kitchen received new appliances and a major upgrade in preparation for Scotty’s Brew Club. Lou’s Den also went renovation of kitchen space, tables and chairs restroom facilities. And the golf shop was freshened with new fixtures, paint and television.

Other facility upgrades included a new zero-entry swimming pool and splash pad in 2013, along with a pool locker room facelift. Three course bunkers were filled in a graded, and the Greens Department acquired new equipment, including the Sand Pro and completed drainage enhancements to the driving range and north side of the course. Forty older electric carts were exchanged for 52 new Precedent Club Cars to accommodate the growing membership.

Hillview members have traditionally taken ownership of various projects needing completion. Chuck Wenning and Jerry Petro consider it a personal mission to keep our trees looking beautifully pruned. The Ladies Leagues have planted flowers, donated water coolers and provided numerous other enhancements over the years, and the Karen Nally family donated the fountains in the ponds on #8 and #9. Every Monday a dedicated group of seniors gathers to sand divots and tees.

Begun in 2016 was phase 1 of the Better Billy Bunker project, which coincided with the new entrance and tee box for #11. Needed repairs to existing cart paths and a plan for construction of back-9 paths was undertaken. Locker room renovations were completed and new flooring was placed in the golf shop.

A massive tree-planting project begun in 2017 is still underway as the damage to the ash tree from infestation precipitated the loss of many of our mature trees. And the biggest news of 2017 was the opening of Big Woods Franklin!

All of this has been accomplished with minimal fees increases to our valued members. There are still numerous projects to be completed for the betterment of Hillview and to secure our place as the “Best Golf Club in Johnson County” and beyond.

a look at our past

Past Presidents

1928 Dayton D. Fertig

1929 Dayton D. Fertig

1930 Dayton D. Fertig

1931 C.C. Argabrite

1932 C.C. Argabrite

1933 Oral S. Barnett

1934 Oral S. Barnett

1935 Oral S. Barnett

1936 William T. Kelly

1937 William T. Kelly

1938 William T. Kelly

1939 William T. Kelly

1940 Ralph Crawford, Sam Lanham, George Vandivier and Frank Cravens

1941 Oral S. Barnett

1942 William T. Kelly

1943 Eldo Stonecipher

1944 Ben G. Breeding

1945 William T. Kelly

1946 Arthur T. Records

1947 Arthur T. Records

1948 William Hemphill

1949 Dan M. Cravens

1950 William T. Kelly

1951 Arthur T. Records

1952 Eugene Anderson

1953 Alton Snyder

1954 Alton Snyder

1955 James McCarty

1956 Roger Owens

1957 Robert Lagle

1958 Robert Lagle

1959 Rush Friddle

1960 Herman Hougland

1961 Raymond Fetterley

1962 Robert Tranter, Jr.

1963 Herman Moyer

1964 Millard Montgomery and Herbert Whitaker

1965 Robert Tranter, Jr.

1966 Hugh Campbell

1967 Rush Friddle

1968 Rush Friddle

1969 Louis Leerkamp

1970 Bernard Admire

1971 Robert Branigin

1972 Burke Anderson

1973 Hugh Campbell

1974 Hugh Campbell

1975 Robert Foist

1976 Robert Gee

1977 Robert Gee

1978 Nolan Cooper

1979 Nolan Cooper

1980 William Logan

1981 Jerry Ferguson

1982 Stephen Hougland

1983 Robert Stultz

1984 Dean Abplanalp

1985 Dave Hamilton

1986 John Rhoades

1987 Edgar P. Zehr

1988 Lou Wenning

1989 Gary Admire

1990 Edward A. Deiwert

1991 Harley R. Owens

1992 Tom Jones

1993 Phil Powell

1994 William McCarty

1995 William McCarty

1996 William McCarty

1997 William McCarty & Jerry Prosser

1998 Jerry Prosser

1999 Trent McWilliams

2000 Jerry Petro

2001 Jerry Petro

2002 Dean Walters

2003 Joe McElwain

2004 Steve Cobb

2005 Steve Cobb

2006 Jim Admire

2007 Jim Admire

2008 Jerry Petro

2009 Jerry Petro

2010 Ernie Huber

2011 Jim Admire

2012 Tom Slemons & Pete Grimmer

2013 Jim Admire

2014 Max S. Woodbury, II

2015 Pete Grimmer

2016 Jim Admire

2017 Max S. Woodbury, II

2018 Pete Grimmer

2019 Jim Admire

2020 Max S. Woodbury, II

2021 Pete Grimmer

Men’s Club Champions

1931 Roger Owens

1932 Roger Owens

1933 John Graham

1934 Eugene Anderson

1935 J. E. Nash

1936 M. T. Kelly

1937 E. Slack

1938 John Graham

1939 Bice Roth

1940 K. Hendrickson

1941 N.R. Dyke

1942 Lennis Murphy

1943 Dan Cravens

1944 M. T. Kelly

1945 Roger Owens

1946 Eugene Anderson

1947 Lennis Murphy

1948 William Campbell

1949 Lennis Murphy

1950 Lennis Murphy

1951 William Campbell

1952 Lennis Murphy

1953 Dan Cravens

1954 William Campbell

1955 Joe Swope

1956 William Campbell

1957 Lennis Murphy

1958 Lennis Murphy

1959 Rush Friddle

1960 Dan Cravens

1961 Wendell Deer

1962 Wendell Deer

1963 Dan Cravens

1964 Wendell Deer

1965 Dan Cravens

1966 Gary Crist

1967 R. Sublette

1968 Andy Wood

1969 Gary Crist

1970 R. Sublette

1971 Rush Friddle

1972 M.C. Cristie

1973 Tom Jones

1974 Rush Friddle

1975 Gary Admire

1976 Chuck Wenning

1977 Chuck Wenning

1978 Chuck Wenning

1979 Nick Nichols

1980 Chuck Wenning

1981 Dean Abplanalp

1982 Chuck Wenning

1983 Chuck Wenning

1984 Dean Abplanalp

1985 Chuck Wenning

1986 Jim Anthony

1987 Chuck Wenning

1988 Dean Abplanalp

1989 Jim Anthony

1990 Jim Anthony

1991 Chuck Wenning

1992 Jim Anthony

1993 Pete Wojtowicz

1994 Chuck Wenning

1995 Jeff Parish

1996 Chip Olson

1997 Jim Anthony

1998 Chuck Wenning

1999 Jim Anthony

2000 Chuck Wenning

2001 Chuck Wenning

2002 Jim Anthony

2003 Jim Anthony

2004 Chuck Wenning

2005 Jim Anthony

2006 Chuck Wenning

2007 Chuck Wenning

2008 Chuck Wenning

2009 Chuck Wenning

2010 Josh Oldham

2011 Tim Fish

2012 Josh Oldham

2013 Chuck Wenning

2014 Josh Oldham

2015 Josh Oldham

2016 Josh Oldham

2017 Josh Oldham

2018 Josh Oldham

2019 Erin McElwain

2020 Josh Oldham

2021 Josh Oldham

Women’s Club Champion

1941 N. Dyke

1944 D. Billingsly

1945 N. Dyke

1946 Rosemary Tulley 1947

1948 Rosemary T. Anderson

1949 Rollie Cravens

1950 Marge Sanders

1952 Marge Ragsdale

1953 Marge Ragsdale

1954 Judy Records

1955 Betty Graham

1956 Judy Records

1957 Marge Ragsdale

1958 Judy Records

1959 Rollie Cravens

1960 Marge Moyer

1961 Marge Hardin

1962 Ginger Cline

1963 M.L. Norton

1964 Judy R. Jones

1965 Judy R. Jones

1966 Jonnie Bailey

1967 Jonnie Bailey

1968 Marge Moyer

1969 Billie Windisch

1970 Carla Windisch

1971 Dorothy Sanders

1972 Carla Windisch

1973 Betty Graham

1974 Dorothy Sanders

1975 Virginia Nesmith

1976 Mary Gasaway

1977 Sarah O’Neil

1978 Nela Wagner

1979 Ann Gordon

1980 Ann Gordon

1981 Ann Gordon

1982 Ann Gordon

1983 Ann Gordon

1984 Ann Gordon

1985 Ann Gordon

1986 Ann Gordon

1987 Judy Deiwert

1988 Susan Randall

1989 Susan Randall

1990 Ann Gordon

1991 Susan Kirkland

1992 Ann Gordon

1993 Ann Gordon

1994 Ann Gordon

1995 Ann Gordon

1996 Kathleen Schutz

1997 Ann Gordon

1998 Kathleen Schutz

1999 Kathleen Schutz

2000 Jackie Jacob

2001 Sheryl Feyen

2002 Karen Nally

2003 Jackie Jacob

2004 Karen Nally

2005 Kathleen Schutz

2006 Sheryl Feyen

2007 Kathleen Schutz

2008 Karen Nally

2009 Kathleen Schutz

2010 Amy Bohm

2011 Kathleen Schutz

2012 Beth Orsay

2013 Kathleen Schutz

2014 Cindy Cody

2015 Beth Orsay

2016 Judy Deiwert

2017 Judy Deiwert

2018 Celeste Hook

2019 Judy Deiwert

2020 Celeste Hook

2021 Cindy Cody

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